Worship Services


To allow spaces for children seek God and serve others.

Throughout all the worship services we encourage the children to seek God through a prayer style called chat and catch. You can learn more about that here.

Sunday Services

We use material from Urban Saints to teach our children. The material provides our teachers with the flexibility to bring their own skill sets for the children’s enjoyment and learning.

Sunday Club is a God-centred place where our children can be with their friends and seek God, serve one another, and be encouraged to share their faith, all in age appropriate ways.

We have a team of dedicated leaders and helpers who support our children in seeking, serving, and sharing. Along the way, they have fun playing games, competing in quizzes, performing in dramas and being creative in art and craft. 

9am Service

At the 9am Service the group is for Nursery to Year 6. In this group the children get to seek God through hearing a Bible story and then being allowed to wonder through play, crafts, dress up, puppets, and many other ways about the story. We also encourage the older children to serve the younger children by helping them with the different wondering areas.

Child's Story from 9am Service

"I enjoy going to Church as I learn more about Christianity and how to be a better person. I have made several friends there and enjoy the discussions we have. It is a great way to start my Sunday and I am very grateful for the opportunity to be able to go."

Finlay, Age 9

10:45am Service


Bubbles is our group for Nursery to Reception aged children (3 to 5 years old). Our little ones like to hear stories from the Bible, told in a way they understand. They spend time seeking God through wondering, by playing,  through crafts, games and songs. The main focus is for each child to seek and encounter God and learn Jesus is their best friend.


The Multi-Generational Sunday Club is for children in Year 1 to Year 6. It is a space where they will be able to seek God and serve one another. They do this through playing games, reading and leading discussions on passages from the Bible, and wonder about the discussion. In the wondering time they can do a craft, play, find a quiet space to seek God.

Child's Story from 10:45am Service

"Anais thoroughly enjoys Sunday group and has been attending since she was very young. She has learnt a lot about her faith and in her own way explains to me what she has learnt and how she applies certain situations in her life. She enjoys the group due to the the lessons are taught - they are fun, interactive and the group leaders are great. On asking her how she feels about the group she has said 'I like it because we have fun and we pray about our family!', a great way to encourage learning about Christianity."

Luan, Mother, Anais, Daughter, Age 6

Creche at both 9am and 10:45am Services

We are a church that recognizes all children will make themselves heard at some point and are happy to celebrate this fact.

However if parents or carers prefer we have a sound insulated Creche space that is located just off the main worship area.

It has a sound feed into it with a volume control and a window to provide a visual connection to the rest of the service

In the Week


Kidzone is our weekly after-school service for children of primary school age and their parents/carers to seek God. We meet every Monday in term time at 3.30 for refreshments and games,  then go into the church for songs, games, drama and quizzes around the theme of a Bible story. It's very informal, great fun, has lots of participation, and is a good time for adult fellowship too.

Families Story from KidZone

Below are quotes from a mum and her two older children who attend KidZone. They now attend our 9am Sunday Service too and her youngest child got baptised at KidZone.

"KidZone is a fun, energetic and friendly session that my children and I always look forward to attending. Each week children retell a Bible story in an interactive way that is easy for all age groups to understans. The children are then encouraged to take part in a quiz about the previous week's story in a relaxed and inclusive environment. Children learn new songs with actions and play a variety of games. Thank you to Sam and Jon who lead these sessions and welcomed my family to KidZone."

Lena, Mother

"I love watching and being part of the play every week. Its helped me learn the Bible stories and makes them so easy to understand. It's helped my confidence to grow too as I would never have got on stage before! But at KidZone everyone is really kind and friendly you forget that anyone is watching. We help each other all the time."

Liliya, Daughter, Age 10

"My favourite part of KidZone is when we do the quiz and play games especially when the children beat the adults! I've made lots of new friends and we all help each other in the quiz and games so everyone always gets to win a prize. Its helped me learn so many new things."

Laith, Son, Age 9

Contact the children's team for more information about our worship services via email here.

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