Working with Schools


Our mission for the schools work is to partner with local schools and enable children and families to seek God. Serve the children, families, and staff in the schools. Share the story of the Bible with them all.

Early Intervention Coaching (EI)

We at St Dunstans Church partner with the schools to do Early Intervention (EI) Coaching. This is where you partner one coach to one child and allow them to have one hour a week with each other. During that session the coach will allow the child to share their emotions of the week adn express themselves in some way. It is a space where children can be themselves and know they have someone to listen to them. Our coaches are trained by Transforming Lives for Good (TLG) 

If you think this would be helpful for your school contact our Coordinator Sam via email here.

School Assemblies

We offer to do Assemblies for schools. We have done Advent, Christmas and Easter Assemblies previously. We are happy to do more Assemblies to explain the different Christian celebrations throughout the year. 

If you are interested contact Sam via email here.


We have been privilieged enough to do lessons at some of the local primary schools. We have done lessons on Harvest, Advent, Christmas, History of the Church in England, and Easter. We are happy to offer more lessons.

If you are interested contact Sam via email here.

School Workshops

We have previously done two workshops on different topics. Such as Remembrance Day, Christmas, and Local History. The workshops we have done have had three stations; one craft, one question and answer, one explanation; and are around 45minutes to an hour long. We can cater up to 60 students. 

To find out more information contact Sam via email here.

Visits to the Church

We also offer the opportunity to visit the church. You need to inform Sam what you require and what the purpose of the trip is and he will cater to your needs. Please do contact Sam to book via email here.