Special occasions

Baptisms (Christenings)

Baptisms, also known as Christenings, take place during one of the Sunday morning services.  Baptism is a public display of a personal commitment to be a follower and disciple of Jesus Christ. By His Holy Spirit, God graciously promises to meet with us in and through baptism. Our responsibility at St Dunstan’s is to do the best we can to help prepare individuals (or parents and godparents in the case of a child) for their baptism.  We carry out this responsibility in two ways.

  1. We ask the person (or the family of a child) who wishes to be baptised to start regularly attending Sunday morning services at St Dunstan’s.
  2. We ask the person (or family of a child) to attend a 3 week baptism course prior to the date of the baptism.


If you are thinking of a traditional church wedding and would like to know if St Dunstan’s is a possibility then please check on the Church of England website here.

Here are some of the ways that we try to make a couple’s wedding day special:

  • Every couple is invited to attend a marriage preparation course where they enjoy a candlelit dinner for two as well as a chance to put aside the details of the wedding day and focus on their life-long commitment.  
  • We also meet with each couple as many times as they wish to discuss their marriage service.
  • Our experienced and professional organist will also meet with a couple to discuss and go through musical options.
  • A wedding rehearsal is organised for the evening before the wedding day.
Wedding Ceremony

Wedding at St Dunstan’s East Acton - Testimonial

"We had our wedding at st. Dunstans on 25th August 2012. We chose this church as its our parish church and has a very welcoming church family. Also Jon the Vicar is especially welcoming and friendly. 

The church is not only beautiful from the outside, with a lovely maintained garden, but is beautiful inside too, with the stained glass windows and original features inside. It also boasts a traditional organ, which you can have the church organist play throughout the service. 

We especially like the layout of the church, as its seats are planned out in a semi circle, which means its more friendly and inviting for the service. 

The soft lightning and the way we had the church decorated with the flowers and candles made it the perfect church for our wedding, we couldn't imagine having it anywhere else.

The church also has a hall with a kitchen attached to it, unlike most, meaning its perfect if you wished to use this for functions.

All in all this was our perfect church for our big day and would highly recommend it to any couple for whom a church wedding is important, just like it was for us."

Craig & Hannah Summers


Over the years many families have found St Dunstan’s Church to be a place of peace and refuge in times of grief and bereavement.  If you would like to have a funeral service for your loved one at St Dunstan’s, then please inform your funeral director. They will contact us on your behalf. We will then arrange a convenient time to meet you and chat about the service and how we can make it personal for your loved one.   Alternatively, if the family prefer, we are very happy to conduct a service at the crematorium or cemetery.  Once a year we hold a Family Memorial Service at St Dunstan’s where we remember by name loved ones who have died.



If you would like to know more please contact us