The Pain Exchange Project

The aim of the pain exchange project is to provide a cost effective intervention for people suffering from long term pain. 

Retha and Sharon are Chartered and State registered physiotherapists and would like to help pain sufferers improve their quality of life by enabling return to work or enabling them to become more active members in their community.

The Pain Exchange Team provides:

An exercise based programme alongside complimentary services, such as advice on nutrition, advice on social benefits with links to debt counselling services and The Foodbank.

The cost per session is £7, each week there is exercise and a relaxation class, a chance to make new friends and share experiences over a coffee. During the 12 weeks there are talks on aspects of pain experience and management, there are art sessions which explore pain and pain experience through creative media, and there is an opportunity to receive prayer for those who would like that.

  1. An hour long exercise and relaxation class.
  2. Refreshments and discussion group.
  3. A variety of talks including information about how we experience pain and what we can do about it.
  4. Nutritional advice.
  5. Art sessions.
  6. Links to a social benefits advisor, The Foodbank and debt counselling services.
  7. On offer is prayer for healing.

To find out more, or book an appointment, please contact us on:   or follow us on facebook 

We now have a website where you can contact us and access information.

New groups start at the beginning of each term. To book an assessment appointment please contact us.

All faiths and non faiths welcome



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