St Dunstan's praying together in lockdown

Please join us in urgent prayer for God to intervene at this time of need.  

"First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings should be made for everyone" 1 Timothy 2.1

Regular parish prayer 

We have a cycle of prayers which over a  month covers people and activities around the Parish and in in our church. 

Today's prayer is for those who live or work in Glendun Rd, Bowes Rd & Foster Rd; all those in our parish who are elderly or housebound; The Christians Against Poverty Debt Advice Centre; the Ealing Food Bank; Oak Tree Anglican Fellowship

Prayer Walking

If you are going out around your local area for a daily walk, run or cycle why not use this to pray for the neighbourhood? As you pass, you can pray for all the places you pass and people you know who live nearby.

Before you go: pray that God will show you places where prayer is needed

Other ideas for prayer:

· closed shops and businesses; Lord, comfort and sustain the workers and owners

· schools and nurseries; Lord, help families with children at home

· houses; Lord, you can see behind closed doors. Keep the people here safe in body, mind and spirit

· streets; May your presence fill this street with blessing

· parks and gardens; Lord, as spring shows us the glory of life, bring that beautiful rebirth to us here

· bus stops and stations; Please protect people working and travelling on the bus/train

Drawing of chiuldren
For our local schools

Please pray for Primary Schools as teachers and parents work out how and when to begin the return to full classes.

You can read about their plans on their websites; most are starting some years gradually in the first or second week of June, as well as continuing with keyworkers' children and those who are vulnerable.

We pray for

For Ethiopia

On Sunday we heard from Hope International Development Agency about that on top of the virus,  Ethiopia is coping with ongoing effects of terrible locust swarms.  Please pray for the people there.

Prayer for the week

a Coronavirus prayer from the Evangelical Alliance

Special prayer requests

Please email Alison or Jon if you need prayer for specific people or things