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5 July at  5.15pm
Habakkuk 2.1-4John 20.19-29

Last Sunday's prayers

We fix our eyes on Jesus, our firm foundation from where we stand secure as everything that can be shaken is being shaken –

Heavenly Father, You are our refuge and hope in distress.  Hear our prayers as we offer up our requests, needs and petitions in an attitude of hope, believing in Your ability and willingness to answer.

O Lord, as we endure lockdown as our present time of testing, help us to develop those personal qualities listed in Paul's letter to the Romans.  May we learn patience to observe careful practice of hygiene and to be thoughtful of other people in this time of pandemic.  May our experience under lockdown teach us to appreciate a simpler and more moderate lifestyle.  And may our hope be centred on the God who is the Creator and Sustainer of all things.

O Lord, as any more people engage with social media, we pray that the church's presence on the internet may bring more understanding of the gospel to many people.  May people see the church has a vital message, discover the church's engagement in the community and realise the comfort and blessing offered to those involved.

Let us pray for the government and its procedure of easing lockdown.  O Lord, we pray that the safety and well-being of people would be paramount in the government's formulation of continued guidance to the public.  O Lord, enable businesses and controllers of public spaces to set up safe distancing procedures and to maintain clean tactile surfaces.  Help employers to find good ways of achieving this so that businesses and services may resume as normally as possible.

Let us pray for reporters of all nations who, at times, bring news to light at considerable personal risk.  O Lord, protect and guard these servants who seek to tell and share the truth with the public.  We thank you for their great work on which many of our prayers of intercession depend.

Let us remember again, the continuing oppression of Black People and other peoples targeted or marginalised in society.  Heavenly Father, from whom every family on heaven and earth takes its name, we ask that you break the sin of racism and all its devastating consequences.  May the letter, from Archbishops and Bishops all over the world, condemning the undeniable links between racial injustice and environmental injustice be taken seriously by governments and faith communities across the globe