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Week Beginning Sunday: Bible Reading 1 Bible Reading 2
24th May, Ascension Acts 1.1-11 Luke 24.44-53
31st May, Pentecost Acts 2.1-21 John 20.19-23

Sunday's prayers

 Almighty God, our Heavenly Father, you promised through your son Jesus Christ to hear us when we pray in faith.  May our prayers ascend to you just as the prayer Jesus prayed to you for us, his followers, before he was taken up to glory in heaven.  As we celebrate the Ascension of our Lord Jesus let it inspire in us feelings of joy and hope rather than fear and separation as we await the coming of the Holy Spirit as Jesus instructed.

Guide the leaders of all nations and give them the foresight to act with charity and true concern for the well-being of the people they are meant to serve.  Bless and guide Elizabeth out Queen and grant wisdom to her ministers that they may serve God and seek the common good.

We pray for the many people who have conntracted the coronavirus in all parts of the world.  Bring comfort to those grieving for loved ones who have died and peace to those worried, fearful and uncertain as the virus spreads.  We also pray for all involved in developing strategies to contain and deal with the virus, especially those in the health services who may be risking their own lives to care for sick patients.

Dear Lord, hear our concerns about the economic plight of the world and the hardship faced by many in this country and abroad who have lost their livelihood.  May we take the opportunity to share what we have with others.

The super-cyclone Amphan has taken a heavy toll on our brothers and sisters in the Bay of Bengal and we pray for their plight and all victims of natural disasters.  Our hearts go out to the poeple of Karachi and the passengers and crew of the plane which crashed so disastrously coming in to land.  Please comfort those who mourn and all who have lost their homes.

As we gather individually in our homes, it is a comfort that we can come together to offer up worship and prayer, and to offer each other support and friendship, althrough physically separated.  Let us turn to the Lord when our hearts are troubled and extend that comfort to others whose hearts are also troubled.