2019 is our 140th  Anniversary

St Dunstan's church was founded in 1879, and we are celebrating our anniversary this year on St Dunstan's day, May 19th.  On the day, there will be a service at 10am, with Bishop of London, Sarah Mulally,  and a celebratory lunch together.  Look out for other events through the year, as we remember with thanks the creation of this worshipping community and building.

Our church bulding is showing its age in many places, and we hope to use this anniversary year to start much-needed repairs.  We need to
  • replace 40-year-old boilers with modern, greener versions, so that the heating works properly
  • repair the fencing between the church and Prideaux Place
  • fix the path through the churchyard so it is flat and  safe to walk on
  • fix damp in the base of the tower caused by leaking pipes
  • upgrade the fire alarm

All this will cost at least £75,000 - we would be grateful for any help that you can give.  

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