2019-20 is our 140th  Anniversary year

St Dunstan's church was founded in 1879, and we celebrated our anniversary in 2019 on St Dunstan's day, May 19th. There was a service with with Bishop of London, Sarah Mulally,  and a celebratory lunch together.  

As part of the Anniversary, we held a Gift Day to provide an opportunity for people to express their gratitude to God for all that we have received through the life of the church over recent years, and we raised over £10,000. To ensure that St Dunstan’s remains fit for purpose for the next decades the PCC have decided to put the money raised towards a new boiler and heating system for the church.  We hope that this will be both more effective in providing heat and more efficient in terms of energy consumption.  An initial estimate has indicated that this will cost in the region of £60,000.  

We realise that many people already give regularly towards the work of the church, but the anniversary is an opportunity to consider giving a special gift over and above your regular giving.  How about £140 to mark the occasion?

We are celebrating at the end of this year on 17 May 2020 with a Pilgrimage to St Paul's Cathedral after our morning service,


 Heating Gift Day appeal

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